The snow has fallen down on the ground. Just like me, but I'll go for 'nother round.

Take another happy pill, check.

Twist a painful smile on your face, check.

Impress him, left unchecked.

Routine as checks, routine as pain!

This is ridiculous, I'll die in this game!

No one left who cares about me but him.

I'm dying slowly and the light in his brain has become so dim.

I know I have no feelings, but in this moment this unbearable pain is what I feel.

I know I shouldn't, I know I'm just a glitch, not even someone who's real!

I don't want to die, I'm too afraid of that.

Why am I even afraid, I'm not special for anyone anymore, just a fucking rat!

Fuck all of them, they were just ignoring him, he was hurting couldn't they see?

Fuck all them, they don't deserve someone like me!

And now he's gone and no one cares about me anymore, not even my friends!

I can't stand this pain not to mention all of my sins.

But everythings still the same, Check, check, check, I'm going insane!

Its starting to sound like the tick tock

Of the cruelest of all, the eternal clock

And I know I don't want to die, but when I say that everyone just nods

Because who am I to stand against the will of the gods?

And I can do nothing because my fate has been decided already, so I smile just for his sake

Yet I cry when he doesn't see for I don't want him to suffer just because of my mistakes!

Guess I'll just go now, I think I need some sleep and a lot more pills.

Eternal slumber doesn't sound that bad anymore, I'd just need to rip out these gills...

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